Making of: Ryuko pleated skirt

I finally got around to doing a write up of how I made my pleated skirt for my Ryuko street clothes cosplay.  To be honest this is a very simple clothing piece for me and I have more complex creations in the works, but I still wanted to document this process.

 I used this reference for her navy blue pleated skirt, along with her white blouse and varsity jacket.

When I first started, I used this tutorial as a guide.  As fair warning, I ended up winging the process and deviated from the directions a bit, however the tips it provided kept me on track with how it should look.  But if you really want to make a sharp knife pleated skirt, then definitely check out that tutorial.

I began by pinning my 2 and half inch pleats down and did a bit of math to know how many pleats to make and how much fabric to use.

ryuko cosplay2          sewing math090

I”m terrible at math so if you want to know how to calculate your pleats precisely, check out the beginning of this video.

I measured each pleat carefully, but my biggest issue was getting the skirt to stop going crooked when pinning down each pleat.  My best advice for when this happens, is to make sure each pleat is as straight as possible and that the are EXACTLY the width you want them to be.  That definitely seemed to a make a world of difference.

26 pleats later, I sewed a running stitch along the top of the skirt to secure the pleats and left the pins in that were holding the bottom part of the skirt in place.  Then it got a good ironing.

shirt         skirt

After ironing the skirt was much easier to handle and looked a lot nicer.  Then as stated in the tutorial, I top stitched 2 inches down the front of each pleat, which added a nice flair to it.  I did the same on the fold along back side of the pleats, sewing 2 inches upwards from the hem, which kept the pleats in place and helped them maintain their shape.

Lastly, I added the zipper and waistband to the skirt and pinked any raw edges.  In the end my skirt ended up looking like so:

I put it on my dressform along with a white blouse I already had and some red ribbon.  Thus, Ryuko is complete

ryuko cosplay       

Thanks for reading!


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